We Urgently Need Volunteers

Learn about our volunteers and how you can join our growing team in Camberley, Bracknell, Farnborough, Fleet and Farnham.


Animals are proven to aid relaxation and mindfulness so you can enjoy the fact that, as you are helping the owner and pet, you are also helping yourself too! Win-win!


Voluntary positions look great on a CV, they can increase your chances of successful job applications and can also enable you to make useful contacts for the future.


Gain essential knowledge on pet care, enhance your organisational skills and build confidence through our volunteer positions. Pets are great companions and encourage a positive outlook.

Meet New People

Nothing beats meeting new people and making new friends; this is the perfect opportunity to do-so. Chat with other volunteers, fellow dog walkers or pet owners and make life-long friendships.

Why Volunteer at Pet Care & Partners?

The UK has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world and research has shown that owning a pet helps with both physical and mental health.

Research has also shown that interaction with a companion animal can also:
• Increase attentiveness to own self-care needs
• The presence of a fish tank can increase nutritional intake
• Increase perception of wellbeing
• Reduced GP consultation
• Reduced blood pressure
• Reduced verbal aggression and anxiety in people with Alzheimers disease

Pet Care and Partners supports older people and low-income workers to continue enjoying these benefits by helping with those pet care tasks that are becoming difficult, such as exercising and grooming due to age related health issues or work commitments. We offer subsidised rates to keep the pet with its owner and help to keep them fit and healthy. We also support those important visits to a vet by accompanying or offering transport to appointments.

What you get in return:

We realise it’s a big commitment to offer your time as a volunteer, so in return we offer training opportunities, discount schemes, and social events twice a year as a big thank you for supporting and caring for your community.

Roles of the Volunteer:

Your role of a volunteer may vary, but you will be rewarded with the satisfaction of knowing you are helping people who may have health issues through being frail, ill or housebound.

We realise it’s a big commitment to offer your time as a volunteer, so in return we offer discount schemes at retailers, pubs and restaurants, holiday discounts, and social events as a thank you for supporting and caring for your community.

• You must love animals
• Walking dogs
• Cleaning caged animals or fish bowls etc
• Transporting pets to veterinary or grooming appointments
• Building up a relationship with the owner and pet,
   if elderly or housebound


How to become a Volunteer:

If you love animals, love to help people and have a few hours to invest into the lives of people and pets in your area, then Pet Care and Partners is perfect for you.

All our volunteers are hand selected to match the pet owners and their animal. You will be provided with training in animal management by qualified professional trainers.

To become a volunteer simply give us a call or use our online form to show us your interest and we can start the enrolment process.