Terms and Conditions

1. General information

• Pet Care & Partners provides a range of pet care services at subsidised and discount prices. We work with volunteers as a team which enables us to offer holiday cover and provide an uninterrupted service for clients as much as possible.
• All members of our team will be DBS checked, trained and monitored.
• All members of our team will be insured through Pet Care & Partners.
• All members of our team will adhere to the Professional Dog Walkers Guideline.

2. Permissions

• Clients will be deemed to have accepted Pet Care & Partners terms and conditions (as laid out here) on booking our services.
• The Client gives Pet Care & Partners permission to enter their property to carry out the booked service at the arranged date and time.
• The Client must provide Pet Care & Partners with a name and contact number of someone who can be contacted in an emergency.
• The name of your vets, or in an emergency we will use the closest vets.
• The Client gives Pet Care & Partners permission for us to keep a record of any animal care carried out, including the date, name of the person Who carried out the visit, and any other comments to be kept at the clients home.

3. Communication policy

• Urgent communications will be made by telephone, text, email or WhatsApp as and when required.
• You can also follow us on social media, Facebook, and Instagram.

4. Dog safety

• All dogs must wear a collar and tag with telephone number on it .
• All dogs must be provided with a well-fitting collar or harness. We can not be held responsible for any injury or damage which may have occurred by the dog escaping due to a collar/harness that is too big, or faulty.
• We can not accept any bookings until one of team members have been to visit you, and your dog(s) and conducted our consultation.
• Pet Care & Partners have the right to refuse or discontinue walks if for any reason you dog is unsuitable for solo or group walks.
• Pet Care & Partners endeavour to ensure the safety of all dogs. We would only let your dog off the lead once we have the owners permission to do so.
• We are insured to take you dog to the vet.

5. Cat visits/house sitting

• We will contact you in an emergency. We will act in your absence if we are unable to contact you.
• Cats are very independent, and as such often left to come in/out freely. Accidents do happen, and Pet Care & Partners can not be held responsible for the safety of any cat that is allowed to do this whilst we are visiting, or housesitting.
• We are insured to take you cat to the vet.

6. Keys

• Keys will be provided for dog services and will be kept at Pet Care & Partners. They will be marked only with the Pets name, and office code.

7. Pricing

• Please look at our Services Page for all subsidised and discounted prices.

8. Payment

• Invoices should be paid within 7 days of receipt. If you do not make the payment to use within the 7-day period, we may charge you interest.
• You can pay by direct debit, card, or cash. You will be invoiced at the end of each month.